Kind words from many, we thank you.

Tom Brennan
I'm delighted I chose to set up as a vendor at The Summit Show. It was organized and operated very professionally; As well or better than any I've ever attended. Loved the venue, especially the lighting. The layout was excellent and I particularly liked the amount of space there was, both in front of and behind the tables. I also appreciate the efforts that went into promoting the event.
Scott Single - PSA - PSA/DNA
Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) attended the each Summit Show and we feel it's a success. We were happy to perform autograph and card authentication for many collectors in the area. Dave Martell, Garret Morrison, Sarah Morrison and their staff do a great job in promoting the show. In Addition, the quality of the venue makes this experience a positive one for us. Thanks!
Rick Mah - Twilight Zone Collectibles
I want to congratulate and thank Dave, Garret & Sarah for putting on a fantastic show! I organize an annual collectibles show in Saskatoon on a much, much smaller scale so I can appreciate how much dedication, planning and hard work went into holding this event. Everything was first class for the dealers and patrons; it was definitely the finest show that I have attended as a vendor.

Tony Stacey - Show Goer
I big thanks for the Summit Show! I really enjoyed looking around at the different memorabilia. Most of all I want to thank you for making a dream of mine come true. I am a huge fan of Bill Ranford and thanks to your show I had the chance to talk with Mr. Ranford, get a picture taken with him and an autographed photo as well. It was a moment I will cherish and never forget.
Moe - West's Sports Cards
Thanks for having us! I really liked the venue and the professionalism of the set up. Even though it is business and shows are a lot of work, I really enjoyed myself and had a great time, especially so with all of the customers, other dealers and you guys who put the show on. You made it easy on us for setting up and tearing down. It was definitely a positive atmosphere and I really enjoyed the show.
Rob Grose - The MeiGray Group
I thought the promotion and advertising for the show was excellent. TV, radio and print ads definitely help to get the word out. The layout of the room and the entire facility was top-notch. You could not have been more helpful in accommodating everyone’s needs. We especially loved the passion and enthusiasm of the collectors and we certainly hope we can make it to future Summit Shows.

Barry Luopa - Hobbyist
I had the opportunity to attend The Summit Sports Collectibles Show. It was by far the most professionally organized sports collectible show I've ever attended in Western Canada. Your booth layout was refreshing, spacious alleys between booths - great to see, the hall was very well lighted and your autograph & entry pricing was affordable. Congratulations and I look forward to future versions of The Summit.
Well for a guy who does not do a lot of shows, this was great for me. Certainly appreciate, the effort that went into promoting the show. I saw clips on television, newspaper ads, and lots of hype around it. I also would like to thank those who travelled great distances, from FL, NJ, NY, AZ, MI, BC, ON. Your efforts for promoting the hobby were greatly appreciated. I had a great time and look forward to future Summit Shows.
Sean Broderick
I had a great time up in Edmonton. It was a pleasure showing off my autograph collection and it was great to meet so many avid collectors. It was great getting together with everyone on Friday night, as well as some of you after the game on Saturday. Though I don't usually collect jerseys, I was in awe of the amazing collections on display. Garret, Sarah, and Dave did a great job and I'm looking forward more shows for years to come.

Bobby Burrell - Author / Collector / Vendor
The Summit show was one of the most organized and professionally run shows that I have ever attended. This show deserves kudo's for supporting the hobby in this and many other ways. Having met many new vendors for the first time was great and they certainly had a grand diversity of product available. There was something for everyone at this show and the selection of vintage was over the top. This show gets top grades in my opinion and we look forward to the next one!
Adrian Rosen
Thank you for the time and effort that you put into the show. My son and I travelled from Saskatoon and it was well worth the trip. The vendors were knowledgeable and easy to talk to and deal with, and it was great just "hanging out" and sharing stories with both exhibitors and other attendees. We both spent some money to add to our collections, but I think it is important to do so, so that the vendors continue to support these events. You can count on my support.
Doug Jamieson
The 1st Annual Summit Sports Memorabilia show held in Edmonton, Alberta was a great success in many ways. The promoters (whom should be congratulated on all their hard work to get this event together), could not have picked a better venue to host this event. The vendors and collectors displaying and selling product were second to none of ANY similar show that I have been to. It certainly receives a Top Rating for Western Canadia.

Arpad Ujvarosy
Summit Promotions was more than accommodating throughout the entire Planning Stage. They made themselves available so that all of my crazy details, questions and intricacies were all taken care of in a timely and orderly fashion. Thanks and see you all next year in the 'Chuk'..
Ken Roberts - Memory Lane Sports Marketing
The Summit Show is an excellent show to attend, you people put an immense amount of effort into it and did a great job. Why improvements can always be made the foundation has been established and the show will only get better & grow. I know I will be back & would be most happy to lend you a hand. Great job guys.
Barry Meisel - The MeiGray Group
Garret and David did a first-rate job putting this together and MeiGray considers this show a great success. We enjoyed meeting our Western Canadian friends that we rarely get to see, so thanks to all of you who came out. I'm confident that The Summit will grow, based on the quality of the vendors, exhibits, and the collectors who attended.

I had a great time seeing some people who had been in Nanaimo a few years ago and meeting a bunch of members in person for the first time. There were some fabulous jersey displays by Arpad, Peter, Doug, Shawn, Kory and MeiGray. Also an amazing collection of old wools and other memorabilia put up by the Canadian National Hockey Museum. A few great jerseys were pulled out of bags for show and tell as well. Sean's autograph display of deceased HOF'ers at the PSA booth were amazing. The organizers did do a great job and I will certainly support it and hope many others will as well. It was well worth the trip.
Gordon Klimm
Thank you to David Martell, Garret Morrison, Sarah Morrison for their organization of The Summit III. The facility in Sherwood Park was once again an excellent venue. There was a wide variety of merchandise for both the younger and older collectors. From the Max Bentley collection to the hockey and football players signing autographs, there was a lot to see and do. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves at our vendors booth for the 2nd year dealing with collectors aged 8 to 78. We hope to enjoy continued success at the Summit IV.